Launch X431 PRO3 APEX + HD SmartLink C 2.0 Heavy Duty Truck Module Bluetooth Diagnostic Adapter

Launch X431 PRO3 APEX + HD SmartLink C 2.0 Heavy Duty Truck Module Bluetooth Diagnostic Adapter


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Launch X431 PRO3 APEX + HD KIT (Heavy Duty 24V )
Bouth 12 and 24V with 2 years free updates  



2023 New Version-What Are The Advantages? LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX loads Android 10.0 OS and updated 2.0GHz 4-core CPU to operate 2x more multi-task repairs. 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi runs 5X faster data transfer between LAUNCH scanner with cars. Aid of CAN FD & DoIP and HD module, this automatic scanner works on newer car checks and worldwide 24V heavy-duty vehicles. 4+64GB provides larger data memory. 6300mAh battery lasts 15+h work, equaling to continuous diagnostics on 30+ cars.

Intuitive Topology Map Fast Locate Faults Hold the same Topology Map that is typically only available in tools priced $3000+, LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX diagnostic tool lessens your repair cost but also improves 200% efficiency. With one-click scanning of all systems, visually showing all ECU modules’ status & DTCs in color, allowing you to view live data stream by a 12-in-1 diagram, and quickly pinpointing faults and repair them. Note: Topology is not widely available for all models.

Dealer-Level All System Diagnostics Auto VIN doing automatic vehicle identification without manually inputting. Exclusive LAUNCH Remote Diagnostics make distance diagnostic be true (LAUNCH tools to LAUNCH tools/PC). Guided functions guide step-by-step instruction. Besides that, LAUNCH automotive scanner diagnostic tool still enhances all-system diagnostics including reading/clearing DTCs, viewing live data, doing active tests, etc., to better suit global 10000+ vehicles & problem dealing.

OE ECU Coding&Bidirectional Control Feature online/offline ECU coding functions,LAUNCH X431 scanner owns max control of ECU modules and meets more personalized needs: flashing hidden functions,resetting adaptive data, replacing new modules, customizing OE-settings,changing auto stop/start, modifying headlamps,adding courtesy lights, etc.LAUNCH bi directional scan tool also applies powerful active tests to locate various problems in windows/doors/wipers/lights/mirrors with 5x faster efficiency.

CANFD/DOIP/FCA Cars LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX is the ONLY CAN FD & DoIP compliant scan tool among the same level car scanners, with no need for a CAN FD adapter (saving 100+ bucks), working on GM (2024 newer), BMW F&G, 2018-Volvo, 2017-Land Rover and boosting 2x faster data transfer. Autoauth access provided, LAUNCH diagnostic scanner facilitates technicians to visit & diagnose more FCA vehicles (Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Dodge) without gateway limitation. Note: DoIP adapter is not included.

Multi-Module Expanded Tool All-in-one scan tool PRO3 APEX can work with more add-on tools to develop more accurate diagnostics. X-PROG3: For advanced key programming & module clone; ADAS Mobile/PRO: Calibrate driver assistance systems; X431 WiFi Printer: Print all diagnostic reports & data; BST360: Monitor battery health status; Videoscope: Check hard-to-reach parts (p-ump, en-gine, pipes, etc). Note: Add-on tools aren’t included in packages. You can purchase them separately in Bundle.

37+ Service Functions LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX keeps regular updating to new functions & software and performs various Resets/Matching/Adaptation/Relearn functions to cover increasing vehicle problems on 1996-2023 models. 37+ maintenance functions include Oil reset, EPB reset, SAS reset, IMMO, BMS matching, TPMS reset, Windows initialization, ABS bleeding, Suspension, Gear learning etc. You can also message launch-aftersales@ to get new information & user guidance.



Unleash the power of automotive diagnostics like never before with the pinnacle of scanning technology—the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX. LAUNCH has a complete database,diagnosing 5 million cars per month, and outputting 10 million diagnostic reports. LAUNCH’s diagnostic data is more accurate, making it a perfect tool for any modern car repair shop.

1.20 23 New Version X431 PRO3 APEX-What Are The Advantages?

LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX loads Android 10.0 OS and updated 2.0GHz 4-core CPU to operate 2x more multi-task repairs. 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi runs 4x faster data transfer between LAUNCH scanner with cars. Aid of CAN FD & DoIP and HD module, this automatic scanner works on newer car checks and worldwide 24V heavy-duty vehicles. 4+64GB provides larger data memory. 6300mAh battery lasts 15+h work, equaling to continuous diagnostics on 30+ cars.

2. Efficiency Meets Innovation: Topology Mapping :A breakthrough awaits with the newly added Topology Mapping function. Seamlessly navigate the intricacies of vehicle systems, pinpointing issues with accuracy and swiftness. This function isn’t just about saving time; it’s about saving money on costly repairs. Let precision redefine your diagnostics.

3.Precision Knows No Bounds: Unveiling the Elite Functionalit:Gear up for a diagnostic journey where every detail matters. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX empowers you with functions that go beyond diagnosis—they transform challenges into solutions. Bid farewell to the traditional guesswork and embrace the power to shape your vehicle’s performance.

4.Empowerment Through Knowledge: Diagnostic Services:Revel in the luxury of OE-LEVEL Full System Diagnosis, Auto VIN & Scan, and Bi-bidirectional Control. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX isn’t just a scanner; it’s your window into the heart of your vehicle’s systems. It’s the key to identifying issues before they evolve into problems.

5.Maintenance Refined: A Symphony of Services:Let your vehicle thrive with Maintenance Services that comprise 37+ Reset Service Maintenance, ECU Online Coding, and Initialization. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX isn’t just about identifying problems—it’s about orchestrating solutions. VAG Guided Functions, Programmable Modules Installation, and Flash Hidden Functions take your diagnostics to a whole new level.

6.Auto Auth for FCA/SGW:Auto auth for FCA/SGW is designed for 2017 and later Chrysler/Dodge/Alfa Romeo/Jeep /Fiat vehicles.Use the latest software update feature AutoAuth to provide OBDII diagnostics, proactive testing, calibration and more for modern FCA/SGW vehicles, making diagnostics more secure. Available for 2017 and later FCA vehicles equipped with Safety Gateway Module (SGW) (Note: FCA account registration and use available in the Americas).

7.Diesel Dominance: A Companion for Heavy Duty:When it comes to heavy-duty vehicles, the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX stands ready with Diesel Repair capabilities. Paired with the LAUNCH X431 Heavy Duty Module 3.0, this scanner becomes a formidable ally in unraveling even the most intricate issues within these powerful machines.

8.Personalization Redefined: Variant Coding and Audi/VW Firmware Protection:Shape your vehicle’s personality with Variant Coding—tailor software-driven functions to meet your preferences. Unshackle the potential of Audi and VW vehicles with firmware protection cancel features, a boon for mechanics seeking seamless part replacements and vehicle modifications.

9.Master of All: Compatibility and Hardware Advancements:Bask in the glory of the optimized HIGH-END Hardware Configurations—32GB storage capacity, 128GB extended memory, and fixed battery life issues. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX is not just a tool; it’s a statement of dedication to delivering excellence.

10.Unleash Your Vehicle’s Potential: ECU REPLACEMENT and More:When ECU/module replacement is the order of the day, the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX steps in with unparalleled expertise. Initialize, match, relearn, or code the newly replaced ECU/module to restore your vehicle’s vitality. Unshackle your vehicle from the throes of non-functionality and ensure it roars to life once more.

11.A Symphony of Expansion: Extensive Module Support:The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX isn’t confined to its core functionality—it thrives on expansion. Seamlessly integrate with modules like Videoscope, TSGUN, X431 Heavy Duty Module, X431 ADAS Mobile/ADAS PRO, X431 Printer, and more. Your diagnostic prowess knows no limits.

Elevate your automotive journey with the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX. Your vehicle’s story unfolds through precise diagnostics, empowerment, and seamless solutions. The road to mastery begins here, where innovation and intuition converge. Welcome to the future of automotive diagnostics.

Experience Automotive Diagnostics Like Never Before with LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX

1.All Systems Diagnostics

Say goodbye to the days of using separate OE diagnostic tools. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX reigns supreme as the universal scan tool, adept at diagnosing all systems on 99% of vehicles traversing the roads. Experience diagnostics elevated to OE levels, enabling you to decode even the most intricate complexities that lie beneath the surface.

The X431 PRO3 APEX is your partner in efficiency, empowering you to gain mastery over a wide array of systems, including but not limited to:

PCM (Drive System): Unveil the secrets of the engine, transmission, transfer case, electrical machine electronics, gear, and more.

Chassis System: Explore realms like accumulator management electronics, steering, integrated chassis management, tyre pressure control, active cruise control, braking system, suspension, TPMS, and more.

BCM (Body System): Decode the language of SR-S airbag, camera, audio radio, gateway, cluster dashboard, rain sensors, charging interface module, parking assistance, power control unit, touch box, lights, battery charging system, head-up display, wipe control system, roof, seat & door motor systems, immobilizer, AB-S ESP system, air conditioning, electric windows, and more.

Electrical System: Navigate the complexities of centralized control, chassis integrated control and safety systems, and the intelligent body electronic system, as well as communication and information/entertainment systems.

2.Bi-Directional Control:The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX isn’t just a passive receiver of data; it’s a commanding force that communicates with your vehicle’s components. With bi-directional control, you’re not just identifying issues—you’re actively troubleshooting them without even having to get under the hood. Imagine the power to execute commands that turn on/off solenoids, control A/C cycles, test electromagnetic coils, calibrate vehicle level positions, and conduct intricate brake tests—all at your fingertips.

3.ECU Coding:When a newly replaced ECU/module leads to improper functioning, the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX comes to the rescue. It’s your guide to ensuring that your vehicle’s ECU/module replacement is seamless and effective. No more frustrating stalls or non-functional parts. Harness the power of ECU coding, which includes:

Online Coding: Unleash advanced coding functions for BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Porsche, and more.

Offline Programming (Variant Coding): Enable BENZ, Ford, Mazda, Vauxhall, Opel, and more to recognize replaced modules.

Flash Hidden Functions: Tap into hidden features that manufacturers often include but aren’t accessible to the average driver. Enhance your driving experience with features like tire pressure monitoring, improved air conditioning modes, modified home/leave settings, and more.

4.Topology Mapping:Dive into the heart of your vehicle’s systems with Topology Mapping—an intelligent feature that offers a panoramic view of your vehicle’s data bus configurations. Effortlessly pinpoint problems, increasing your efficiency by up to 90%. This feature, usually reserved for high-end tools, offers insights that enhance your repair processes and bring clarity to intricate layouts.

5.IMMO Keys:Secure your vehicle with confidence using the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX’s IMMO Keys capabilities. Compatible with brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat, it empowers you to disable lost keys, prevent theft, add new keys, and match replaced IMMO modules. Elevate your IMMO programming prowess even further by integrating it with PROG 3 key programmer.

6.One-Click VIN Identification:Experience the future of diagnostics with the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX’s Smart Auto VIN technology. A single touch allows you to scan ECUs, gather vehicle information, and initiate diagnostics on selected systems. Unlock your vehicle’s data with a single click, saving you precious time while unveiling the essence of your vehicle’s health.

Unleash Your Automotive Mastery with LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX




Powerful Intelligent Diagnose: Intutive Problem Presentation & Smart Diagnose Process Increase Working Efficiency by 5 Times !

Launch X431 PRO3 APEX is able to support Module Topology Mapping that enable users to know all module status at a glance and root out the problems easily. As the most powerful Launch scanner, Launch X431 PRO3 APEX scanner features the riches fault code analysis function with which you can access the most comprehensive and the lat-est code-specific data, TSB, DTC analysis, repair assist, repair tips, and relevant repair cases. It has been drawn from real-world shop repair orders and record data that has been thoroughly verified by automotive maintenance professionals.

This advanced feature, typically found only on tools costing over 3000USD, provides a comprehensive view of a vehicle’s data bus configurations, improving repair efficiency by up to 90%. With just one click, you can gain insights into the layout of a vehicle’s system and clear any troubles. Note that Topology is not a universal function and compatibility with your vehicle’s brand should be verified by checking the VIN before purchasing.

Launch PRO3 APEX have 37+ resets on Service Function application on home page, but you can find more resets in related systems, they are more than 100+ for one vehicles in total, you can find the extra resets in this waay: Vehicle Brand> System>ECM/BCM/..>Special Functions.

1、Oil Lamp Reset Service- Resetting the engine oil life system is a common maintenance task that customers will need to perform regularly.

2、EPB Reset- Replacing and resetting the brake pad is a critical safety concern for customers.

3、BAT battery service(BMS)BMS Reset (Battery Register / Battery Maintenance)

4、Diesel Particulate Fil-ter Regeneration

5、SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset – Resetting the steering angle to zero is important for maintaining vehicle alignment and stability.

6、IMMO Key Programming(Anti-theft Matching) – Disabling lost keys and adding new keys is a common concern for customers with easy IMMO systems.

7、ABS – Ex-hausting a-ir from the ABS system is important for maintaining proper brake performance.

8、Fuel Injector Coding- Writing new injector codes into the car system is important for correct cylinder injection quantity.

9、TPMS service – Displaying sensor IDs, inputting replacement IDs, and testing sensors is an important function for ensuring proper tire pressure and vehicle safety. 10、Throttle Adaptation (idle relearn) – Initializing the throttle actuators to the default state can improve vehicle performance. 11、AFS Headlamp Reset – Initializing the adaptive headlamp system can improve visibility and safety. 12、Sunroof Initialization- Resetting the sunroof control unit can improve overall vehicle functionality. 13、Air Suspension Reset 14、Gearbox Reset- Completing the gearbox self-learning process can improve gear shifting quality. 15、Gear Learning 16、Tire Reset 17、A/F Reset 18、Adblue Reset 19、Coolant Bleeding 20、Language Change 21、Nox Sensor Reset-Resetting the catalytic converter learned value stored in the ECU is important for maintaining vehicle performance. 22、Stop/Start Reset 23、Seat Calibration 24、Delete Transport Mode 25、Windows Calibration 26、AC System Relearn/Initialization 27、E.GR Reset 28、Reset F-uel Alcohol Level 29、Reset F-uel Trim 30、High Voltage Battery Diagnostics 31、G.PF Regeneration 32、Camshaft/Crankshaft Sensor Relearn 33、Interactive Vehicle Dynamics (IVD) Initialization Sequence 34、F-uel Economy Test 35、Halt/Resume Transmission Adaptive Learning 36、Passive Anti Theft System(PATS)Functions 37、Relearn Vehicle Data 38、Initialisation Of Automatic Tailgate 39、Initialise Power Window Regulators 40、Seat Standardisation 41、Normalise Slide/ Tilt Sunroof 42、Zero-Point Calibration 43、BSI Solenoid Test 44、Clutch System Learn 45、VGT Relearn 46、Transmission Service Fast Relearn 47、SWS Initialization 48、VIN Registration(Write) 49、Injector F-uel Rate Programming 50、Fuel Injector Balance

DBSCar VII —— The Only Unique and Advanced Connector in The Scanner Market

1.CAN FD:Introducing the game-changing CANFD Connector—the superhighway that propels your Launch X431 PRO3 APEX into a new dimension of diagnostics. It’s not just about compatibility; it’s about becoming the master of vehicles both old and new. With CANFD, you’re not just diagnosing; you’re controlling diagnostics at supersonic speed.

2.VAG guide function:Imagine having a virtual mentor guiding you through every step of auto repair—no more confusion, just confidence. The VAG guide function is your ticket to mastering repairs. Easily troubleshoot and solve problems on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles with step-by-step guidance. This intelligent tool becomes your personal instructor, imparting auto repair knowledge directly into your hands.

3.Auto auth for FCA/SGW:FCA vehicles posed a challenge with their secure gateway module—until now. AutoAuth transforms your Launch X431 PRO3 APEX 4.0 bidirectional scan tool into a seamless access point for FCA diagnostics. Your expertise now transcends barriers, unlocking the potential of FCA vehicles effortlessly.

4.Remote Diagnostics:Remote diagnosis is not just a feature; it’s a revelation. Imagine harnessing the power of cloud technology to diagnose vehicles from anywhere, transcending physical boundaries. It’s your mechanic’s toolkit in the cloud, allowing you to diagnose issues in vehicles located thousands of miles away. This is the true essence of modern connectivity—bringing your expertise to the world without leaving your workspace.

5.12-in-1 Live Data:Real-time data streams are the windows to your vehicle’s soul. The Launch X431 PRO3 APEX escaner automotriz professional captures the heartbeat of your vehicle, offering insights into every parameter’s operating status. Dive deep into vehicle performance with three dynamic display modes: Graph, Value, and Combine. What’s more? Witness the power of 12-in-1 Live Data Stream, facilitating effortless data comparison.

6.Report Printing & Sharing:Precision Reports for Informed Repairs:Diagnostics culminate in understanding, and that’s where comprehensive reports come in. After delving into diagnostics, generate meticulous reports from stored data. These reports aren’t just documents; they’re blueprints for effective repairs. Share these insights via email or print, connecting your expertise with your team.

7.The Power of Professional After-Sales: The journey doesn’t end with purchase; it’s the beginning of a partnership. LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX comes with a 2-year upgrade, ensuring you stay at the forefront of diagnostics. No online connection? No problem. You’ll still have access to all other functions, ensuring uninterrupted expert support.

8.ADAS Calibration:LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX collaborates seamlessly with LAUNCH X431 ADAS Mobile, becoming your compass in calibrating advanced driver-assistance systems. Whether it’s ACC, AEB, or more, ADAS ensures safety’s future is firmly in your hands.

9.Component Matching:Your vehicle is a symphony of components, and they need to harmonize perfectly. LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX ensures this synchronization, making you the conductor of your car’s performance. Gearbox matching, air suspension harmony, seat coordination—your touch transforms every module into a synchronized masterpiece.

10.Cylinder Power Balance Test:Uncover engine issues like never before with the power balance test. Don’t let engine misfires or lack of power go unnoticed. The cylinder power balance test is the secret weapon in your arsenal, revealing hidden problems that other tests miss. It’s not just a test; it’s the art of precision diagnosis.

11.PMI——Unleash the Power of Programmable Module Installation:With the PMI function, LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX is your key to seamless module replacement and initialization. No need for complex J2534 tools or costly subscriptions. Compatible with Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and more, this function is your backstage pass to keeping modules in sync.

12.24 languages supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional. Thus, if you feel more comfortable with your native language, you can switch back and forth as necessary without encountering any sort of language barrier.

13.What Comes with LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX automotive obd2 scanner? X-431 PRO3 APEX host, QUICK START GUIDE, USER MANUAL, PIN envelope, Storage Case, CLIPPER, FUSE, BT ADAPTER (DBScar-4/DS301), SWITCHING ADAPTER, OBD 1 Adapter BOX, AIT I OBD16 Extension Cable, USB A to Micro cable, Cigarette Lighter Line, Power Cable with Double Clamp; 24 special connectors for diagnosing different cars directly: AUDI-4, BENZ-14, BENZ-38, BMW-20, CHRYSLER-6, DAEWOO-12, DAIHATSU-4, FIAT-3, FORD-6+1, GAZ, GEELY-22, HONDA-3, KIA-20, MAZDA-17, MITSUBISHI/HYUNDAI-12+16, NISSAN-14+16, SSANGYONG-14, SSANGYONG-20, SUBARU-9, SUZUKI-3, TOYOTA-17, TOYOTA-22, UNIVERSAL-3, GM/VAZ-12; EL-50448 TPMS Activation Tool 1Set ( in the package)

X431 PRO3 APEX Topology Mapping —— Increase Working Efficiency by 5 Times




Launch X-431 SmartLink C 2.0 Heavy-duty Truck Module

Launch X-431 SmartLink C 2.0 is a heavy-duty vehicle diagnostic module developed by Launch Company based on Linux system, dual processor Cortex-A7+Cortex-M7, 8G storage, 256M storage, 320*480 resolution. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and other communication methods, and can be used with X-431 PRO3S and PRO5 series.

It also support full system fault diagnosis, with functions such as code reading, code clearing, data stream reading, special functions, and action test. it supports trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trailers, ships and other types of vehicle software.

Launch X-431 SmartLink C 2.0 Heavy-duty Truck Module Features:

The heavy-duty truck module is used to expand the configuration of passenger cars equipped with DBScar lower computer to the integrated configuration of passenger and business, and it is mainly supporting commercial vehicles.

1. Compared with X-431 HDIII, the SmartLink C 2.0 is more powerful in function.
2. The transmission speed is faster and more stable.
3. The visual operation interface makes it more convenient.
4. It supports commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy and other models.
5. It supports super remote diagnosis.
6. 1-year free update.(After One Year, Please BuySubscription Cost )



1. Update Version of Launch X431 HD III: The transmission speed is faster and more stable, and the visual operation interface makes it more convenient.

2. Support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and other communication methods.

3. Can be used with Launch X431 V+, X-431 PRO3S and X431 PRO5 series.

4. Support full system fault diagnosis, with functions such as code reading, code clearing, data stream reading, special functions, and action test.

5. Support commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy and other models: Covering Cummins, Bosch, Weichai, Shangchai, Yuchai, Xichai, Chaochai, Yangchai, Quanchai and other engine diagnostic software, it supports trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trailers, ships and other types of vehicle software.

6. Support super remote diagnosis.

7. One year free update, the Annual Subscription cost is 549USD/year after free update service.


Compared with X-431 HDIII, the SmartLink C 2.0 is more powerful in function.


The transmission speed is faster and more stable.

The visual operation interface makes it more convenient.

It supports commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy and other models.

It supports super remote diagnosis.


Work as a VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)
Work as a Local J2534 PassThru Device
Work as a Remote J2534 PassThru Device

Note: LAUNCH X-431 HD SmartLink C 2.0 Module Can’t work alone. It only works with LAUNCH Tablet of X431 V+, X431 PRO3, X-431 PRO3S Series.


SmartLink Remote Diagnostic System:
The SmartLink Remote Diagnostics System is newly developed powerful service system dedicated to remote vehicle diagnosis and service. In this system, SmartLink C user, as a SmartLink Service Subscriber, can submit remote repair orders to vehicle repair companies (SmartLink B, the SmartLink Service Provider) via SmartLink Service Platform ( The SmartLink Capplies to vehicles that comply with CAN/DoIP/CAN FD/J2534 diagnostic protocol standard.


The SmartLink C system consists of the following two parts:
1.SmartLink Service Platform — For binding the SmartLink C dongles and posting the remote repair orders (*Note: Orders can be submitted only after the SmartLink C dongle is successfully bound)
2. SmartLink C Dongle — Connects with vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC) to obtain vehicle information before submitting repair orders.



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Warranty – 1 Year
Updates – 1 Year Free Update


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