Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WFK-8 TPMS Diagnostic Tool With 8PCS MX-Sensors (315+433Mhz)


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Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WFK-8 TPMS Diagnostic Tool With 8PCS MX-Sensors (315+433Mhz)

Autel comprehensive TPMS service tool MaxiTPMS TS508WF is the new generation TPMS diagnostic & service scanner specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read TPMS sensor status, check TPMS system health condition, conduct TPMS relearn as well as programming MX-sensors. It features 3 ways to relearn TPMS MX-sensors, enjoys 4 ways to program Autel MX-sensors.

Compared with Autel TS401,TS408,TS501,TS508, TS508WF is Update by Wi-Fi function helps the update experience more convenient. Upgraded with Quick Mode and Advanced Mode options. You can save a lot of time and energy by choosing the most suitable way to complete TPMS work.

2023 Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF Wifi TPMS programming tool the function upgrade is mainly in the following aspects:

Added Wi-Fi Connection Functions for Faster & More Convenient Software Updation by Just One Click Operation
Quick Mode & Advance Mode; Relearn by OBD function
Activate TPMS sensors; Read sensor data
TPMS diagnose, one step for complete TPMS health check
Scan TPMS sensor ID and copy ID into MX-Sensor
Read/clear TPMS DTCs; on-screen DTC description
Program MX-Sensor by auto creating sensor ID
Read Sensor ID by OBD and copy ID into MX-Sensor
Relearn procedure guide on the tool



Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF TPMS Programming Tool – 4 Modes to Program Autel MX-Sensors
Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF TPMS sensor programmer tool can program all Autel MX-sensors, both 315MHz and 433MHz to replace the broken sensors. TS508WF comes with 4 modes to program Autel MX-sensors:

Copy by OBD needs to connect OBD cable to retrieve the sensor ID from the ECU.
Copy by Activation requires activate the original sensors first.
Copy by Manual Input can manually input the original ID.
Auto Create 1-16 Sensors makes it possible to program up to 16 sensors simultaneously.
Note: Autel TS508WF can program Autel MX-sensors only, does NOT program OEM sensors.

Note: Please program the MX-Sensors first before installing the sensors into tires.

Autel TPMS Relearn Tool TS508WF – 3 Ways of TPMS Sensors Relearn
Autel TS508WF TPMS Relearn tool is compatible with 99% of the vehicle with TPMS system and it is also popular among small repair shops and individual car owners. For different car models, TS508 diagnostic tool has been designed with 3 TPMS position relearn methods that are comparable to the OE level. MaxiTPMS TS508wf tool provides detailed on-screen instruction to free your worry.

Stationary Relearn: This relearn way requires the vehicle to be placed in the “Learn Mode” and follow the instructions to finish “Relearn”.
Automatic Relearn: For some vehicles, the “Relearn” function can be completed automatically by driving, which makes it quite easy to do a complete set of sensor replacement operations on your own.
OBD Relearn: OBD relearn allows the TS508 TPMS relearn tool to directly write the TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module via the OBD connector to make the on-board TPMS modules recognize the new sensors. That is so convenient! (Note: TS401& TS408 not available with OBD Relearn).
Note: This TPMS Tool comes with free updates for a lifetime. It is important to perform timely updates so that the device can continue to work well. Autel is known to come up with new updates to make its tools more powerful


Autel TPMS Relearn Tool TS508WF – Advanced Version of TS401/TS408/TS508

As the upgraded version of TS508, Autel tpms scanner TS508wf offers faster and smarter TPMS repairs with two TPMS service modes: the basic Quick Mode and the complete Advanced Mode. Compared to Autel TS408/TS401/TS508, TS508WF can read/clear TPMS DTCs and has an OBD2 connector, which makes it possible to program sensors via Copy by OBD and relearn sensors via OBD Relearn.

Based on the service type needed, Autel TS508WF TPMS tool offers Quick Mode/Advanced Mode for faster & smarter TPMS repairs.

  • TPMS Quick Mode: basic TPMS functions to check TPMS sensors and program MX-Sensors quickly;
  • TPMS Advanced Mode: complete TPMS functions to perform sensor check , TPMS diagnose, MX-Sensor program and sensor position relearn.


Autel TPMS Relearn Tool TS508WF – Activate/Reset All Known TPMS Sensors & Read/Clear TPMS DTCs
Autel TS508WF has unique TPMS status screen function, which can diagnose TPMS system to read and clear TPMS DTC, view DTC detailed description, read ECU sensor ID, and check sensor ID and ECU ID matching condition to check all TPMS sensor status. Yes Find faulty sensors and fix them quickly and easily. Main Feature also Reflects 4 points:

Read ECU sensor ID;
Check sensor ID and ECU ID matching condition;
Read DTCs from ECU and erase DTCs;
View DTCs detail description.
Activate/Reset All Known TPMS Sensors
Autel TS508WF has TPMS diagnose function. It is used to find out TPMS related problems. You can check sensor-related problems, deflation in the tires and the rotation of wheels.

Read/Clear TPMS DTCs
TS508WF can read or clear TPMS DTCs,on-screen DTC description to perform DTC Lookup. It can help you find out problems with TPMS system faster.


Autel TPMS TS508 Kit with 8PCS of Autel 2in1 MX-Sensors, the Best Combo for Tire Care

Autel 2023 upgraded TS508 kit comes with 8pcs of Autel dual frequency snap-in sensors, the sensors worth 240USD when sold separately, with 315 & 433 dual frequency, the sensors get all the vehicles on the road covered, whether the Japan cars with 315Mhz sensor, and Europe cars with 433MHz sensors, this kit gives you a one time solution yet saved you 100 bucks.

Autel 1-Sensor combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one TPMS sensor with the highest industry vehicle coverage. Built to match or exceed OEM sensors in frequency strength and durability, MX-Sensors are 100% ID clone-able with no relearn required and offer latest model vehicle coverage because they are quickly updated with Autel wireless TPMS programming tools.

Highlights of Autel TPMS MX-Sensor:

  • 99% Vehicle Coverage
  • 315MHz & 433MHz Dual Frequency
  • Click-in & Press-out Sensor, Easy Installation than the Screw-in Sensor
  • OE Sensor Quality
  • Maximum Signal Strength
  • 4-6 Years Working Life
  • Meet SAE industry standard J1205 / J1206



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