Autel MaxiCOM MK808K-BT New Automotive Obd2 Scanner Professional Diagnostic OBD2 Tool Bi-directional Control +36 Special Functions Same Model MK808BT PRO


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Autel MaxiCOM MK808K-BT: Same as MK808BT Pro, 2023 Full Bidirectional Level-up of MK808 MK808BT MK808S MX808, Active Test, 36+ Service, All System Diagnosis, FCA AutoAuth, Battery Test, Android 11

[Autel 808 Series 2023-Release] In functionality MK808K-BT = MK808BT-PRO

better than MK808S/MX808S/MK808Z. Its OE-level all system software integrates 28+ HOT Services, 99% Car Database, 3000+ Active Tests, 5X-faster Hardware. Thanks to VCI-mini (Bluxtooth), you can enjoy wireless connection. ➤In tech. service, trust “MotorZone”: 9 years Autel officially authorized Amazon store (5000+ positive feedback, 4.9/5 rating). You’ll get MORE recourses rather than a diagnostic tool from us.

Newly Released Bi-directional Control, 3000+ Tests

This is a fully-featured bi-directional scan tool, allowing you to send commands to 99% relays/injectors/coils/solenoids/valves/actuators on demand to verify their status (previously only featured in 1000-buck value Autel scanners). The 3000+ active lists cover 99% vehicle-specific systems/subsystems/components. You’ll experience 200% greater troubleshooting efficiency than car diagnostic tools with limited test menus.

36+ HOT Services, 99% Coverage

In MaxiCOM MK808K-BT, you’ll explore full-range 36+ services such as EPB/Oil_Rest/DP.F/SAS/TPMS/IMMO_Ke.ys/BMS/Injector/Throttle/Suspension/Brake_Bleed/TEC-learn/Headlamp/WIN_DR_ROOF/Seat/Lang_Change/CHG_TIRE_SIZE/Airbag_Reset/Trans_Adaptation, etc.; based on #1 extensive filed-tested database; covering 99% of vehicles for your more effective daily repair. The servicing range keeps expanding to meet more market needs.

All System Diagnosis, Superior to Snap-on Tools

Compared to overpr.iced snap-on scan tools, this MaxiCOM MK808K-BT (upgraded from MaxiCOM MK808BT) has far lower costs, yet features more advanced all-system diagnostics: bi-directional control, read/clear 7,000+ DTCs (OE & generic), graphic live data (4-in-1) to get a better dive into your car’s health. Also, you can access more systems, serve more module resets, and cover wider range of vehicles (150+makes/10,000+models).

150+ Wider Coverage, 5X Faster Hardware

WHY CHOOSE MK808K-BT? It surpasses OE-specific OBD2 scanners and many clumsy diagnostic tools in the same-priced category. ➤Cover more models: 150+ diverse brands, 10,000 models in 1996-2024; FCA & Renault SGW support; NO-IP restriction; constant upgrades add growing cars. ➤Boosted operation: Android 11.0, 4-Core 1.8GHz CPU, 7” (1024*600) touchscreen, 4G&64G, 5000mAh battery (10+hrs use).

Auto VIN + Battery Test + IMMO Service

This 2023 Autel scanner has more add-on features: ➤AutoVIN & Scan 2006+, automatically identify VIN and scan all systems in minutes. ➤Battery Test, work with BT506 to have thorough battery functioning status in real time. ➤IMMO Service, program a new anti-theft k.ey and dis-able a lost k.ey for basic IMMO-equipped cars. Even with higher-grade functionality, Autel MK808KBT costs the same as MK808BT PRO.


Think Faster, Work Smarter, Easier Operation as Breeze

The incredibly thin and light 2023 brand new MK808K-BT is now more powerful than ever. Produced by Autel, and upgraded from MK808, MK808BT, it gives more precise readings and adds more thoughtful functions to help you handle complex repairs with the utmost speed.

Expanded Car & Function Coverage:

Unlike snap-on scan tools with limited functionalities and only work for specific vehicles, this Autel scanner MK808K-BT offers a comprehensive database that covers 99% of vehicles from over 150 diverse brands and 10,000 models (1996-2024) for all module diagnostics, resets, relearns, and bi-directional tests. Additionally, it is compatible with 2018+ FCA SGW, 2015+ Renault SGW, and does not have any IP restrictions. You can use it anywhere on earth without losing any features.

Enhanced User Experience:

Autel MK808K-BT car computer code reader features a brilliant 7”, 1024*600 display, a new operating system Android 11.0, which you can only see in flagship Autel scanners previously. The 4-core/1.8GHz processors are with up to 2X performance, 3X faster graphics, and doubled storage capacity (5000mAh) for your all-day work. Along with dual Wi-Fi 2.4&5GHz module inside, this Autel MK808K-BT would be your perfectly portable, do-it-all obd2 scanner diagnostic tool.

More Frequent Upgrades:

Autel MK808K-BT mechanic scanner makes sure you can work on even the most-recent vehicles through regular monthly upgrades. It continuously adds new car models, even up to 2023-2024, and additional functions to the compatibility list. The great part is that these upgrades are “subscription-FREE” for the first year, saving you a significant amount of money on software renewals. Moreover, unlike Bos-ch or snap-on scan tools, there is no requirement for ongoing renewals to continue using this code reader car diagnostic tool with reset.

Backup by Autel Technology:

Autel tools always offer improved features, more fluent operating system, and broader vehicle compatibility, among many other customer-centric strategies to make your repair work smarter and simpler.

Trust Autelonline Shop:

100% Commitment: As an established Amazon online store for the past 9 years, we are committed to providing you with continuous 24/7/365 technical assistance, and answering any questions timely you may have. Different from other online stores on Amazon, you will experience our world-class right away with a simple click.



Why Autel Recommend You Try 2023 Newest MK808K-BT?

Same Cost, More Power Built In:

Autel is always pushing its technology boundaries and Autel MK808K-BT is the fruit of that labor. Faster, more accurate, more supported cars, and more comprehensive features, yet nearly at the same costs as MX808S/MK808S/KM808Z/MX900. You won’t feel any lagging during the operation because of the level-up specification, and you’ll enjoy the growing list of models and features thanks to its monthly renewing software.

All Level-up Specification:

This bidirectional scanner is essentially a small Android 11.0 tablet (7-inch screen) powered by a built-in rechargeable 5000-mAh lithium-ion battery, with 4GB of RAM and a whopping 64GB of on-board storage. It also supports Bluetooth and dual 2.4&5 GHz Wi-Fi connections. Using this code reader car diagnostic tool with reset is a breeze comparing to any other clumsy engine analyzer code readers.

Wider Worldwide Car Coverage:

Some automotive tools for mechanics work only for certain vehicles with limited functionalities. While, Autel MK808K-BT has a complete database upgraded to 2020/2021/2022/ and covers 99% of vehicles from diverse brands and models, even the 2018+ FCA & 2015+ Renault SGW-equipped models, and the recent new car makes & models in 2023. Additionally, there is NO IP restriction in this car computer code reader, which means you won’t face any features/car coverage limitation anywhere across the globe. This is much better than the IP-Limited MX808S, MX900.

Keep Staying Up-to-date:

The regular upgrades online will keep this scan tool enhancing. You don’t need to buy new diagnostic scanners to cope with recent models and unpredictable markets. While if you try other escaner automotriz professional on market, you will probably get stuck by the outdated software which would never get renewed.

Greater Addition in Toolkit:

MK808K-BT car code reader automotive diagnostic tool is specially made for Technician, advance DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truck man, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic, weekend DIY, individual.



AutoVIN & Scan (2006+)

With only one tap, this advanced Autel scanner can rapidly decode your car VIN and get detailed information like “manufacturer, make, model, type, fu-el type, engine info, etc.” After that, it will instantly scan all diagnosable ECUs and execute system testing. This automatic process is available for most 2006+ cars. It will save you much effort rather than going through steps.

4-in-1 Graphic Live Data

There are 4 types of display modes available in this Autel MK808KBT for easy data view: text, waveform, analog and digital gauge. Choose your most suitable way to tap into engine RPM, vehicle speed, air flow, engine load, fu-el pressure etc., to track down an intermittent problem from their real-time running status. Imagine how fast and stress-free the troubleshooting could be.

Battery Test w/ BT506

Autel MK808KBT, MK808BT Pro, MK808Z-BT scanner can work with BT506 to test the battery’s health and performance for vehicles, motorcycles, and even boats. Multiple test functions are offered, including voltage test, capacity test, cranking test, and alternator test. You can quickly determine the state of charge, reserve capacity, cranking capabilities, and voltage output of the battery.

Inspection Work w/ MV105S

Autel MK808KBT, MK808BT Pr, MK808Z-BT scanner can also work with endoscope MV105S (sold separately) for you to visually assess hard-to-reach areas and identify potential problems efficiently. Thanks to its high-resolution camera, flexible cable, and waterproof design, you can have in-depth inspection in engine/undercarriage/electrical/interior components, without the need for vehicle disassembly.

7*24*365 Tech. Assistance

Unlike most online stores, we don’t simply answer e-mails at a fast pace, but also provide knowledgeable and resourceful resources to help you get the most out of your purchase: such as tips for using new features and 7/24/365 tech. assistance. This 100% original Autel MK808BKT has 12-month quality backup plus 12-month software updating for your satisfaction.

Bluetooth Wireless Connection

One thing you’d really like is that the Autel MK808K-BT uses a Bluetooth connector instead of a cable like MX808S/MK808S/KM808Z has. Instead of getting attached by cable, the wireless connection will make it very convenient to walk around the vehicle while running diagnostics. You can operate away from the car, at the workbench or any location in the vehicle.

Printable Diagnostic Data

You can use this scan tool to save the diagnostic reports in PDF forms, and print them out on paper through a connected printer to show them to a professional or view later. The diagnostic report includes Car Model, Year, VIN No., Vehicle Software Version, Registration No. and Mi-leage, with well-explained inspection results for your further analysis.

Practical Add-on Features

There are more features designed to easily manage all aspects of your work: 1) Shop Manager, to create / manage customer profiles, track repair history, and maintain detailed service records; 2) Data Manager, to save customer and vehicle records, scanner data and technician notes; 3) Remote Desk, for convenient demonstration, training, meeting all your needs.



36+ Mostly-Used Service Functions, 99% Maintenance in One Tool

The integrated 36+ reset & relearn service functions are the biggest advantages of MK808K-BT comparing to other regular bi-directional scan tools. You’ll get:

Easier Access:

There is an independent “service function” module in this obd2 scanner diagnostic tool as a shortcut that avoids your hassle to access the car software and look for some specific car maintenance. However, depending on the make, model and year, there could be more functions for relevant modules spreading across the vehicle.

Wider Coverage:

MK808K-BT car computer code reader provides complete maintenance procedure and a multitude of relevant features aimed at handling every type of your daily repair, whether it be on the lat.est European, Asian, or domestic vehicles on the road today.

The common special functions mainly include: Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, ABS Bleed, TPMS, Airbag Reset, D-P-F Reg., IMMO Service, Injector Coding, SAS Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Adaption, ABS/SRS, Gear Learning, Sunroof Initialization, Seats Calibration, Language Change, Headlight Matching, A/F Setting, WIN DR Roof, CHG Tire Size, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Trans Adaption, etc.

There are also advanced services for specialized models: Neutral Gear Position Learning, Torque Sensor Adjustment, Signal Check, Yaw Rate Sensor (YRS) Learn, Clutch Pedal Position Learn, Cylinder Power Balance, Component Matching, Stop/Start Reset, Transport Mode, Auto-Door L.ock, etc.

#1 Field-tested Database:

Every service function in this engine analyzer code reader has been verified by on-site inspections and is effective on various vehicles tested. It will help you get the repair work properly done after the vehicle is performed reset, or is replaced with the relevant accessories, or after the initialization matching is performed.

Keep Updating Software:

You’ll get access to the repair services and can diagnose most-recent types of vehicles, thanks to the monthly renewing software. However, there are many car computer code readers on the market that do not regularly upgrade their software and only support old models, along with outdated service functions. This can result in being unable to find the corresponding functions when you’re maintaining newer vehicle models, leading to customer loss.



Why You Need OE-Level All System Diagnostics?

Access All Available Systems:

Unlike the specialized OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool that can only scan limited systems on specific models, MK808K-BT has extensive car coverage and can perform a complete system scan to diagnose over 7000+ issues with varied vehicles, decode not only generic but also enhanced manufacture-specific DTCs.

The accessible systems may include:

CEM (Central Electronic Module) / ECM (Engine Control Module) / TCM (Transmission Control Module) / ABS/BCM (Anti-lock Brake System Module) / DIM (Driver Information Module) / ASDM (Active Safety Domain Master) / BBS (Battery Backed-up Sounder) / IMS (Interior Movement Sensor) / SWM (Steering Wheel Module) / HUD (Head Up Display) / SCL (Sterring Column Lo-ck Module) / TACM (Transmission Actuator Control Module) / AUD (Audio Module), etc.

Display Live Data in Graphic:

MK808K-BT car scanner diagnostic for all cars records live data for your stress-free diagnoses. Each detail is presented in real-life data and live graphs, interacting with freeze frame, data recording & reviewing as an excellent combo to help break down system problem. This is a very comprehensive troubleshooting way which regular engine analyzer code readers don’t support.

Conduct Bi-directional Active Tests:

MK808K-BT bidirectional scanner can send commands to the vehicle as well as receive it, and consequently you can control car functions directly from the tablet. This way you’ll root out the underlying problems hidden in systems effortlessly. If you use auto scanner without this feature, the process will be 3X slower.

User-friendly Wireless Operation:

Upgraded from MK808S, MX808S, MX900, MK808Z, this 2023 MK808K-BT offers the flexibility of wireless scanning (via Blueto.oth VCI) to stay connected and work from anywhere in the service bay. About 10m (33ft.) range makes it easier and more convenient to diagnose.



Bi-directional Control (Active Tests): Take a Leap in Diagnostics

When diagnosing, the bi-directional (active tests) is one of the most useful features. Autel scanner MK808K-BT goes a step further by including the bi-directional control. You can test individual valves, solenoids, and sensors to speed up the troubleshooting process.

2X~3X Faster Troubleshooting:

Consider a no-start situation: you cranked the engine, but no fu-el pressure was measured. You didn’t know if the problem happened in a component or a circuit but certainly didn’t want to make the fuss to tear the car apart. This is the time when a bi-directional scan tool comes in handy! Simply send a command directly from Autel automotive scanner MK808K-BT to control the actuator for tests. Immediately you’d know if the pump circuit functions properly. If you use a non-bidirectional code reader car diagnostic tool, the process could be very time-consuming.

Complete Function List:

This is the biggest difference between Autel OBD II scanner MK808K-BT and other regular bidirectional scanners on market (e.g. MP808BT MX900 Series). This fully-capable bi-directional scan tool covers all brand’s accessible systems and can perform almost all tests. You won’t face issues of missing test functions or lack of coverage for specific vehicle models.

3000+ Applications Included:

such as Turn on the radiator fan – modulate the throttle – open/close windows – operate mirrors – test injector buz – turn on interior/exterior lights & sound horn – test door loc-k actuators – test injector – turn off ACC lane keeping assist system (LKAS) – turn on/off front & rear side ACM solenoid – turn on/off the fu-el pump – cycle the A/C – clutch on/off – test left clutch electromagnetic coil – test acceleration device – test oil pressure control – aim dynamic camera – calibrate vehicle level position – pump brake vacuum – test inlet & outlet valve – test open brakes – supply wheel speed sensor – test parking brake and more, depending on the vehicle’s make, model and year.

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