ThinkCar ThinkTool PROS All Systems Advanced OBD2 Scanner with 34+ Special Service, Online Codding, Active Test, ECU Codding ADAS Calibration Etc


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THINKCAR THINKTOOL Pros 10inch Car full system Scanner bluetooth wifi with 34+ Special service, support ECU Coding ,Online Codding ADAS Calibration, Active test , TPMS + Android 10 OS running on 10-inch HD IPS Touch Screen + 64GB Memory + 2 years free update online

The THINKCAR ThinkTool Pros is a well-balanced bi-directional scan tool. It offers a decent number of OBD2 functions in addition to bidirectional tests. Experience comprehensive and OE-Level OBD2 diagnostics, ECU coding, Live data streaming, Active testing and AutoVIN technology for identifying vehicles easily. You’ll love it if you are a DIY mechanic or enthusiast.



Top Reasons why you should get one ThinkTool Pros as your diagnostic tool:


ADAS calibration, Personalization, Windows Calibration, Online Calibration, Seats Calibration, NOX Sensor Reset, Tyre Reset, Language Change , Online Coding, A/F Reset, Power Balance, Coolant Bleed, Component Matching, Online Parameterization, Transport Model, Online Account Login Service, Adblue Reset, Stop/Start Reset, coding Module Installation.

2.[Work with24 v heavy duty truck]

More Choose,Not only 12v cars, but also 24 v heavy duty truck.


4+64G memory, support more compatible models, more third-party software, more diagnostic data, more customization information.

4.[High Quality Tablet]

2GHz, 4-core flat faster chip, 10.1inch bigger IPS display screen, 800W rear camera, 6300mah larger battery ensures longer working time. Aluminum alloy bracket, rubber protection angle, ergonomic friction grip to make the device more steady and save much of your efforts when work.


Latest models have been updated to 2021/2022, THINKTOOL PORS will be upgraded to 2022 model software with the free update.
More-Custom-Function: The most concerned functions of ASE technicians- Activation Test (bidirectional diagnosis), Key Matching, ECU Coding, Remote Diagnosis, ADAS Calibration (need Thinkcar ADAS Calibration Rack), 8 expansion modules for your choice if you need (Printer, work lamp, endoscope, battery detection, oscilloscope, thermal imaging, charging base, wireless tire pressure diagnosis tool).

6.[ECU Coding]

The advanced coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, which allows you to update the computer software on the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements.

7.[Automotive Actuator Test]

Injector Test, Turn Off ACC Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Turn ON/OFF Front and Rear side ACM Solenoid, Turning the Fuel Pump on and off, Cycling the a/c, Clutch on and off, Left Clutch Electromagnetic Coil Test, Acceleration Device Test, Oil Pressure Control Test, Dynamic Camera Aiming, Vehicle Level Position Calibration, Brake Vacuum Pump, Inlet and Outlet Valve Tests, Open Brakes Tests, Parking Brake Rotors, Wheel Speed Sensor Supply, Parking Break Test. (Vary by car, hundreds of actuation test functions, please check with us)

8.[Car-Key’s coding]

Key matching, Reset Key, Relearn The Key, Add New Key for backup.

Note:The Key matching is designed for Asian vehicles that have low-grade anti-theft systems and NOT intended for AUDI, Benz, BMW, VW which have advanced IMMO systems.

9.[More Reset Services]

34+Reset :
Oil Reset, AFS (headlamp) Reset, Brake-pad Reset, Windows Calibration, Steering Angle Reset, Seat Calibration, Battery Matching, Tyre Reset, ABS Bleeding, Language Reset, Elec. Throttle Adaption, A/F Reset, Sunroof Initialization, DPF Regeneration, EGR Adaption, Immobilize Reset, Coolant Reset, Injector Reset, Transport Reset, Airbag Reset, ODO Reset, Gear Learning, Adblue Reset, SUS Reset, NOX Reset, A/T Learning, Stop/Start Reset, Basic TPMS Reset and etc.

10.[Support 8 Extra diagnosis module from thinkc]

printer, work lamp, endoscope, battery detection, oscilloscope, thermal imaging, charging base, wireless tire pressure diagnosis tool), for professional technicians. The diagnosis of the whole system topology diagram shows that the system is normal, faulty and not equipped with. Using the tire pressure diagnosis module, you can learn/program/match the tire pressure.


THINKTool PROS supports Full system diagnostic :

Engines/Auto Transmission/Airbags/Immobilizer/Key Coding/ABS/Cruise Control/Instruments/ Self Leveling Suspension systems/Seats/Doors/Gateway/Steering Angle/Air Suspension/Body Systems/Electronic Power Steering & Motor Assisted/Power Steering/Tyre Pressure/Rain Sensors/4WD System/Stabilizer/Intelligent Parking Assist/Door Motors/Audio Systems/Air Conditioning/Tiptronic/Anti Theft/Soft Top/Headlamp Leveling/Central Locking/Automatic Clutch/ DPF Reset/Electric Windows/Plip Programming/Heated Rear Window/Xenon Headlights/Wash Wipe/Fuel Burning Heater/Transfer Box/Seat Memory/Oil Life Service Reset/Sliding Doors/Electronic Throttle/Navigation System/Rollover Sensor/Cruise Control/ Multi Function Steering Wheel/Aux Heating/Electronic Parking Brake/Clutch Electronics etc.( Great for car repair shops and mechanics to improve business)


ThinkTOOL PROS Supports 12V cars and 24V trucks :

( Need works with HD model )


ThinkCar ThinkTool PROS Supports 2 Years free Update + 2 Years Warranty + Lifetime free Technicial support ( can Remote Technical via TeamViewer)



ThinkCar ThinkTool pros supports ECU Coding and Active tester function :

ECU Coding

The advanced coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, which allows you to update the computer software on the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements, providing solutions for the issues of drivability, fuel efficiency, power loss, fault codes, durability of mechanical parts etc.


Active Test &Bi-directional control

Bi-Directional Control/Actuation Test capability and is capable of performing Active Tests to access vehicle-specific subsystems and component tests. The tester outputs commands to the ECU to drive the actuators in order to determine the integrity of the system or parts by reading the ECU data, or by monitoring the operation of the actuators.



THINKCAR THINKTOOL PROS has 34+ service functions which allows you to reset various systems in your vehicle. support more function than other scanners priced similarly :

1. Oil Reset
2. Elec.Throttle Adaption
3. Steering Angle Reset
4. Battery Matching
5. ABS Bleeding
6. Break-pad Reset
7. DPF Regeneration
8. Gear Learning
9. IMMO Service
10. Injector Coding
11. TPMS Reset
12. Suspension Matching
13. AFS Reset
14. A/T Learning
15. Sunroof Initialization
16. EGR Adaption
17. ODO Reset
18. Airbag Reset
19. Transport Mode
20. A/F Reset
21. Stop/Start Reset
22. NOx Sensor Reset
23. AdBlue Reset (Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Filter)
24. Seat Calibration
26. Tyre Reset
27. Windows Calibration
28. Language Change

ThinkTool PROS Supports Guided Function for Volkswagen/Audi , the following function need Guided Function :

√Service Regeneration,Particle Filter(DPF)
√Adapt Injector Correction Value
√ Reset Engine Control Adaptation Values
√ Throttle Learning
√ Fill Coolant Circuit
√ Adapt Values,SCR system
√ Activating/Deactivating Cruise Control System
√ Basic Setting Of Transmission
√ Basic Setting of Sensors (-G85/-G200/-G201/-G251)
√ Basic Setting/Bleeding Brake System
√ Initial A/C Compressor Run-In
√ Adaptation Automatic Locking At 15 km/h
√ Distance Control System Calibration
√ Deactivate Or Activate Airbags And Belt Tensioners
√ Adaptation Menu Key Multifunction Steering Wheel
√ Service Interval Display ,Resetting
√ Transport Mode, Switching Off/On
√ Brake Pad Change
√ Headlight Beam Adjustment
√ Rear View Camera System Calibration
√ Driver Assistance Systems Front Sensor System Calibration etc.

ThinkCar ThinkTool Pros Support TPMS Diagnostic function : ( It need works with ThinkTool tpms G2 )

THINKTOOL Pros can work with wireless tire pressure diagnostic tool (optional accessory) toachieve the features of TPMS activation, programming and learning.

Activation: to activate the sensor’s IlD, wheel pressure, sensor frequency, tire temperature and battery status.
b) Programming: to program sensor data to a blank Thinkcar sensor, so as to replace a sensor that is in low battery and does not function properly. There are three sensor programming methods available:automatic, manual, and via activation replication
c) Learning: to write the sensor ID into the vehicle ECU for sensor identification.



THINKCAR THINKTool PROS supports Auto VIN read Function :

It can read VIN information automanually when you connect Car , fast get the inforamtion .

THINKTOOL PROS Supports 12 Data Graphs shows in the Same Screen, it is better you can compare and Analysis the Data , easy to find the problem of the car !


ThinkTool PROS supports ADAS calibration Function

( need works with ADAS tool )

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is an electronic component in a vehicle, including various safety functions of the vehicle, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW),lane keeping assist, blind spot elimination, night vision camera and Adaptive lighting.ANCEL DS700 OBD2 Diagnostic Tools Professional Full System Bi-Directional Control AF Adjust DPF Injector TPMS Automotive Scanner

The function on the equipment is disabled by default, and the user needs to activate the function with an activation card before using it. And this function needs to be matched with THINKCAR ADAS calibration tools. Mainly used to calibrate various camera and radar of driver assistance systems



What’s More?

2.Diagnose Report
3.Remote Technical



ThinkCar THINKTOOL PROS supports 8 Modular expansion :

Thinkprinter , Think work lingt , Think Videoscope , Think TPMS G1, Think battery tester, Think scope box, Think thermal imager, Think moudledock,they are need subscibe seperate ( can contact us to order them or buy directly in Thinkstore directly )



THINKCAR ThinkTool Pros is with High-end hardware configuration :

Operating System: Android 10
Camera: Rear camera 8.0MP
Memory: 4G
Network: Wi-Fi, WL AN 802. 11b/g/n
Storage: 64G(Pros)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 6000mAh/7.6V
Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
Screen: 10 inches
Storage Temperature:-20°C ~ 60°C

How To Printer the Diagnostic Report ?

Two Ways Print :
1. Share the Diagnostic Report out via USB , then print .
2. Use Think Printer to print directly ( need buy Think Printer additional )




1pc * ThinkTool pros Main Unit
( 10.1 inch Tablet PC )
1pc * VCI Bluetooth adapter
1pc * OBD2 16pin Main Cable
1pc * For Chrysler 6pin connector
1pc * For Honda 17pin connector
1pc * For Honda 3pin connector
1pc * For GM/VAZ 12pin connector
1pc * For Toyota 22pin connector
1pc * For BMW 20pin connector
1pc * For BEZN 38pin connector
1pc * For Nissan 14+16pin Cable
1pc * For MITSUBISHI HYUNDAI-12+16 Cable
1pc * Power cable clips
1pc * OBD I adapter
1pc * Cigarette Lighter Cable
1pc * Mini USB Cable
1pc * Type C Cable
1pc * EU Plug
1pc * CN Plug
1pc * Manual book
1pc * password card


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