Autel MaxiPRO MP808S-TS 2023 Diagnostic Tools Professional OBD2 Scanner OE-level Automotive Bi-Directional ECU Codding TPMS Programming Upgraded of MP808TS


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Autel Maxipro MP808S-TS Car Diagnostic Scan Tool TPMS Tire Programming Tools ECU Coding 2022 Upgraded mp808ts/mp808bt

Along with the ability to quickly read and clear DTCs for all available modules of most brands and models on the market, MaxiPro MP808S-TS/MP808Z-TS provides superior special functions including Oil Reset, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) , SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) and BMS (Battery Management System). In addition to OBDII diagnostics and special functions, MP808S-TS can carry out comprehensive TPMS services with ease.

bullet point

All Systems Scan Tool with Advanced Diagnostics

Tablet Seven-inch Wi-Fi Enabled Android 11.0-based Tablet

Powerful Processor Cortex-A55 (1.8GHz)

Compatible with US, Asian, and European vehicles, 1996 and newer

Service Full TPMS for 99 percent of TPMS-equipped vehicles Exceptional OE-

level system coverage for all electronic systems

Advanced Diagnostics: Read/Erase Codes, View Freeze Frame Data, and View & Graph Live Data, Run Active Tests , obtain ECU information and perform

Autoautovin adaptations and matching to quickly identify vehicle make, model and year

Advanced TPMS Diagnostics with DTC Description

TPMS Status Screen in Sight

Activate, Read and Relearn All Known TPMS Sensors

Autel MX-Sensor Program to Replace 99 Percent of TPMS Sensors on the Road Today

Extensive Coverage OBDII Relearn

Specific Procedures on-screen vehicle relearn

Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via WiFi

Instant remote technical support anytime, anywhere

Shop store management application allows easy access to scan histories of the vehicle, customer information and data files

Cloud-based report management allows technician to view, save, print and share reports on mobile phones, tablets and computer browsers

Compatible with Videoscope and Maxibas BT506 to perform battery analysis, additional purchases required



【36 special services and functions after maintenance 】

With up to 31+ services, you can solve module reset or maintenance with Autel MP808S-TS at ease, save you a lot of money for workshop repair service: abs bleeding, oil reset, sas reset, injector coding, srs reset, bms reset, Epb reset and etc. Autel MP808S-TS can do more than that: able to do initial adaptation, self-learning or some automatic detection function after maintenance or restoration is done, such as crankshaft position sensor learning. Note: Functions vary according to car models, please consult with us before purchasing.

active active test

During theactuation test, the mp808tsoutputs command to the ECU in order to actuate the actuators, and then determine the health of the system or parts by reading data from the ECU, or monitoring the operation of the actuators, such as switching an injector between two operating states. (This option is used to access vehicle-specific subsystem and component tests. Available testing varies by vehicle make, year, and model.)

Before removing each control unit and component, two-way control would be a better option for locating the problems. The maxipro mp808ts would be a commander rather than an ecu order recipient.

For example 1
Q: Why can’t my car window be rolled up?
A: There must be something wrong with window control units or window lift motor.
Q: So how can I tell?
A: Run a two-way test first. If the Autel scanner can pass through the ECU to roll the window up and down, then the problem is the window control units.

For example 2
Q: I couldn’t turn off the sunroof yesterday, can you have a look.
A: Of course, after running an active test I can find out if the problem is the sunroof control module or the engine.
Q: How can this be?
A: If the scanner can turn off the sunroof through communicating with ECU, then the problem would be the control module.

【2022 Autel MP808TS Upgrade】

Based on mp808ts, autel MP808S-TS increased running speed and response by 3 times with better hardware:
Android 11;
2.4 & 5.0GHz Dual WiFi;
Expanded Storage: 4GB/64GB;
Rockchip RK3566 Processor
2.4/5.0GHz Dual WiFi.

【ECU Code Same as MK906BT/MS906BT】

Autel maxipro MP808S-TS features the same ECU encoding functions as maxisys ms906bt: online encoding, offline encoding, enable hidden functions, customize oe-settings, auto start/stop/on/off, replacement module match/code/recode/ adaptation, vag guided functions and much more to improve drivability & comfortability as well as prolong the service life of the parts. Functions vary by model, please check with us for compatibility before purchasing.

【Full TPMS function same with Autel TS608】

1. Exceptional OE-level system coverage for all electronic systems

2. Read/erase codes, display freeze frame and live data, performance/actuation testsand adaptations

3. Auto vintechnology enables instantaneous vehicle manufacturing, model and year id

Diagnosistemas complete diagnostics on all vehicle systems in the ECU EC

Autel mp808ts can access all vehicle systems and subsystems, such as body, chassis, powertrain, network and etc., to perform comprehensive scan on ECUs to locate faulty systems and recover DTCs.

1. To diagnose brake system, you feel the brake pedal is soft and notice unusual odor or noise, etc. a properly operating brake system is critical to ensure safe vehicle control and operation;

2. To diagnose the system is affected by vehicle age or poor quality fuel. A good emission system reduces harmful gases to a great degree and protects you from being fined;

3. To diagnose the vehicle’s fuel system won’t start or check the engine light the light is illuminated. Checking the car’s fuel system regularly ensures the best performance of your car with the lowest emissions;

4. To diagnose transmissionif your car is slipping or difficult to shift. The system plays an important role in your car’s overall performance;

5. To diagnose the wiper system you notice chattering or streaking wiper. If the car is not checked regularly, the accident may happen because you cannot see clearly;

6. For diagnosticelight systemif you see the signal fast flashing or dimming lights. and much more…


Other other feats other

1. Compatible with domestic, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer

2. Exceptional OE-level system coverage for all electronic systems

3. Read/erase codes, display freeze frame and live data, perform active testing and adaptations

4. Auto VIN technology allows instant identification of model, vehicle and year

5. Advanced TPMS diagnostics with code description

6. At-a-glance TPMS status screenOne-step full TPMS health check

7. Enable 98% of all known TPMS sensors

8. Autel MX-sensor program

9. Comprehensive OBDII relearn coverage

10. Displays vehicle-specific relearn procedure for all manufacturers

11. Perform obdii tpms sensor relearn
Store manager feature keeps all data files, customer information, and vehicle records and history well organized on tablet

12. 12. Cloud-based maxifix online community provides a vast database of diagnostic and repair tips and proven archived fixes

13. Automatic system and software updates with real-time wifi push notifications

14. Remote control technician allows support to quickly repair or update the tool

Supported languages

Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Persian, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic, English Indonesian, Italian, Dutch

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